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How to Choose a High-quality, Durable Common Rail Assembly


The common rail valve assembly is one of the commonly used fuel injector parts for vehicle maintenance. With the maturation of diesel common rail system technology, diesel vehicles have been favored and selected by more and more consumers due to their features of cleanliness, low energy consumption and environmental protection. There is no doubt that after-sales and maintenance are closely related to common-rail diesel vehicles. Industry is also in full swing. Faced with an array of online and offline rail valve assembly suppliers, the current competition between brands and manufacturers is fierce. In the face of mixed rail products, how should consumers and owners choose high quality and durable common rail valve components? Let's take a look together today:

The quality of the common rail valve assembly has a vital role in the maintenance effect of the injector and even the performance of the entire vehicle. Therefore, in selecting the common rail valve assembly, comprehensive consideration must be taken from the following aspects:

Supplier qualification

At present, there are more and more imported and domestic brands in the common rail injector spare parts market, and the qualifications of different brands and suppliers are not the same. Many vehicle owners have encountered such a situation: Selecting a company with a small, non-formal operating mechanism to purchase products, and finally facing the company's collapse or running, eventually led to the loss of property. Therefore, when selecting a valve component supplier, it is first necessary to confirm that the company has professional and legal operating qualifications, and that selected brands of designated agents and partners can better guarantee their own property safety.

Common rail valve assembly quality and word of mouth

The quality of the product is one of the most important factors in the selection of a common rail valve assembly because the quality of the common rail valve assembly is related to the normal operation of the entire injector and engine. We know that the wear or failure of the valve assembly is likely to have a series of effects on the start-up, return fuel volume, full load point, and build pressure of the automotive engine, and may cause the injector to fail. Therefore, choosing a durable valve assembly product at this time can better improve the performance of the injector through the work and principle of the valve assembly. The brands of common rail valve components are pided into domestic and imported products. Due to the influence of various factors such as production technology and testing technology and equipment, imports are more secure than home-made products. At the same time, when choosing a brand, we must conduct a certain inspection of its market reputation, and consider comprehensively through the Internet's word-of-mouth effect and the true feedback of the used car owners, so that we can choose more reliable and high-quality valve assembly products.

Common rail valve components prices and services

We often emphasize that we must “shop around” and when comparing different products, price is also one of the important factors for consideration. When choosing a common rail valve assembly, you must not only choose a low price, nor must it be a high price. When selecting the valve assembly, it is necessary to select a common rail valve assembly product with a reasonable and cost-effective ratio from the durability and quality of the product. When comparing quality, we must also examine the after-sales guarantee and service level of the product. In the process of using the product, certain problems and problems will inevitably occur. At this time, the supplier can timely deal with the product to make feedback and solve the product quality, after-sales service and efficiency are related to the consumer's immediate interests Therefore, when selecting a common rail valve component supplier, it is necessary to choose a brand whose service level and efficiency are guaranteed, and only in this way can one protect their own rights.