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2019.12.17 Grand Opening of the Green Bauer Brand Store in Yichang City


River. It has traffic arteries such as Hanyi Expressway, Hanyi High Speed Railway, Jialiu Railway, 318 National Highway and so on. Yichang is the location of important national strategic facilities such as the three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba, and is known as the "capital of hydropower in the world". On December 17, Yichang Brice Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was officially opened and established, marking the further acceleration of Greenball's national regional market strategy.Zhuang Furu, general manager of Green Power, came to the scene and opened the store for Yichang Green Power. The main leaders of Yichang City, GreenBauer sales leaders, national dealer representatives, Yichang Brice staff and a number of news media to attend the opening ceremony. Zhuang Furu, general manager, said that the establishment of Boris marked another departure from Greene Bauer's urban strategy and an important step towards the strategic layout of the national common rail after-sale market. GreenBauer has always attached importance to the development of the market in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Today, the establishment of the GreenBauer store, on the one hand, is based on Yichang,With a more perfect organizational structure, combined with deeper regional expansion, strategic support to regional customers, rapid response to customer needs; on the other hand, I hope to bring Greenpower's excellent products and services to the vast number of consumers in Yichang, Hubei Province, and also hope to learn from each other and develop together with their counterparts in the region.