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Recruitment information

We recruit college graduates or graduates who have some working experience in mechanical manufacturing,mechatronics, internal combustion engines and other professional science and technology professionals.
We recruit operators, field technicians, and production managers who have experience in CNC machining equipment operations and debugging capabilities all the year round.
We recruit business personnel and sales managers with a certain level of marketing experience and capabilities, especially those experienced in the diesel engine accessories market.
Recruitment position:
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Majors in mechanics, electromechanics, automotive related majors, and computers;
3. Candidates are required to integrate into the collective, maintain the honor of the team, and contribute to the team's dedication;
4. Candidates are required to work hard and solid, have strong communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness, and have the responsibility and hard work.

Employee benefits:
1.salary negotiable
2.If the trial period is passed, we will help you to pay Five Social Insurance and implement a basic salary plus bonus pay system.
3.Quarterly excellent employee rewards, year-end awards, double welfare, birthday benefits
Address and Contact Information:
Company address: No. 1 Changjiang Middle Road, High-tech Industrial Development Zone,  Liaocheng City
Tel: 0635-8351025 15106353639