Liaocheng City Industrial Operation Supervision Group to Greenbauer Field Investigation

Release time:

2021-01-06 16:24

At the beginning of the new year, Zhang Zheng, a first-level investigator of the Liaocheng Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, accompanied by Guo Zhigang, deputy secretary of the management committee, came to Greenbauer to conduct on-site investigations. At the same time, several top backbone enterprises in the district were invited to participate in the investigation. The heads of several companies reported to the supervision team on the overall operation of the past year and the business objectives for this year. Zhuang Furu, general manager of Greenbauer, emphatically introduced the work done over the past year, the company's positioning and the development plan for the next few years. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the company will be built into a demonstration enterprise in the high-end manufacturing industry that can be counted in the high-tech zone, Liaocheng city and even in the whole province. Deputy Secretary Guo gave a brief report on the overall industrial operation of the high-tech zone, and expressed confidence and determination on next year's operation goals. Zhang Zheng fully affirmed the achievements made by the high-tech zone in the past year, especially the leading role played by the backbone enterprises participating in the survey today. After the meeting, visited the Greenbauer high-end manufacturing demonstration workshop.