Green Power Convenes 2022 Annual Summary Meeting

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2023-01-16 11:56

        According to the company's plan, in2023Year1Month15The meeting was held in the first conference room of the company on the 1st of the day.2022At the annual work summary meeting, the heads of each department made a summary and speech on the work of the department. 




   Through the summary report of each department,2022The annual revenue, profit, output value and other operating indicators have been greatly improved compared with last year,2022The annual business objectives were all exceeded. Corporate reputation has been further improved, the customer base has been expanded, and the customer level has been further optimized.




   2022The year's performance improvement mainly comes from the development and mass production of high value-added products and the high growth of self-employed foreign trade business.New product development completed throughout the year138A: wherein the assembly19 (including 8 mainframes), 81 nozzles, 15 valve components, 23 repair kits and 8 strategic new products, making a new breakthrough in mainframe market products.obtain invention patent certificate3The enterprise technology center has been upgraded from the municipal level to the provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial new kinetic energy fund project has been put into operation, and government support has been further increased.



   The achievement of such a good performance is due to the company leaders' business philosophy of taking consistent performance as the king, not overly pursuing output value and revenue, and focusing more on the scarcity and exclusivity of products and the corresponding high-tech content and high added value., More emphasis on the production process and management links that can produce benefits, more emphasis on the development and maintenance of high-end customers, and more emphasis on market demand that is conducive to the company's long-term and stable development.




   Finally, Mr. Zhuang made a concluding speech, fully affirming the achievements made by the heads of departments and employees in the past year, and also pointed out that We have clarified the business objectives and overall requirements for next year, encouraged all cadres and employees to continue to maintain the fighting spirit of seizing the day and keeping Greenbauer's reputation and leading position in the industry.



   Zhuang always hopes that everyone will not be arrogant or impatient. The current achievements are only the starting point. Don't be too confident and proud. There are various uncertain factors in the market all the time, and there are bigger and more challenges in the market environment. We are required to establish"born of worry, die of ease" risk awareness.



Finally, the general manager wishes everyone a happy New Year and hopes that everyone will have a good year. There will be better expectations waiting for you in the coming year!