New Year's Benefits for Xinya Greenbauer Employees Again... ..

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2023-01-14 09:41



 2023The Spring Festival will not break its appointment and will come as scheduled!



Over the past year, it has been a particularly extraordinary year! Under the correct guidance and leadership of the company's leaders, the operation of the enterprise has achieved continuous development, the income of employees has been improved year after year, the reputation of the enterprise has been increasing day by day, and the customer group has become larger and larger, just like the sesame seed has been blooming steadily, contributing Greenbauer's strength to the country, customers, employees and society!



Over the past year, all the staff have worked hard, day and night, regardless of gains and losses, not afraid of difficulties, wholeheartedly do the essential work, and design ideas to solve various difficulties. This spirit of love and dedication will always be carried forward with the development of Greenbauer!



What's even more fortunate over the past year is that it's over with us.3Years of the new crown epidemic, although the epidemic to our physical and mental, life and business brought a lot of inconvenience, disadvantage, but we overcome these difficulties, smoothly through this extraordinary years, a new understanding of the extraordinary self! Every one of us has strengthened our confidence and courage to overcome greater and more difficulties!



In order to make all employees happily have an extraordinary Spring Festival, the company has carefully purchased Spring Festival goods for everyone. I hope everyone will have a happy New Year and have enough energy. The coming year will definitely be coming."Rabbit" and rich!