News: Xinya Greenbauer Wuxi Branch Enters Implementation Stage

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2018-06-12 13:24

Shandong Xinya Greenbauer Fuel System Co., Ltd. Wuxi Branch is the research and development base of Xinya Greenbauer. It is organized by Wuxi Greenyucing Technology Co., Ltd. (Common RailECUResearch and development and production), Wuxi Green Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (production of common rail valve components) and Xinya Greenbauer Research and Development Center (common rail system research and development and application development calibration and system integration) three major parts, is currently under intense and orderly preparation. Wuxi Branch is located in wangzhuang industrial park, wuxi new district, covering an area10More than acres, construction area10000More than square meters.