The first World Internal Combustion Engine Conference was held in Wuxi, and Shandong Xinya Greenbauer Fuel System Co., Ltd. was unveiled at the internal combustion engine exhibition

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2018-11-20 09:10

        2018Year11Month9Day11On the 2nd, the first Wuxi "was held at Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center.2018As an important invitee of this conference, Xinya Greenbauer Company attended and participated in this exhibition and achieved very good display effect, which was well received by visitors, exhibitors and organizers of the conference. Especially during this exhibition, the mayor of Wuxi, the leaders of the municipal party committee and a large number of experts and scholars from all walks of life visited the booth in person and asked in detail about the development, use and development of the products, the company's development planning, product production and technology research and development were given a high evaluation.

The first Wuxi world internal combustion engine conference venue

Mr. Jin Donghan, President of the International Internal Combustion Engine Society, visited Greenbauer's high-power electronically controlled fuel injection system.

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The theme of this conference is "Green, Efficient, Innovative, and Development". It provides a communication platform for complete machine manufacturers, component suppliers, customers, universities, research institutes and testing institutions in the world's internal combustion engine industry to promote technological innovation and business Model innovation and related multi-faceted cooperation.

In this exhibition, Xinya Greenbauer highlighted the high-pressure common rail products of diesel engine main engine representing domestic high-end technology, highlighted the product achievements of single-cylinder air-cooled and single-cylinder water-cooled high-pressure common rail technology, and displayed them in kind, adding new highlights to the theme of this conference.

At the same time, the multi-cylinder high-power diesel engine high-pressure common rail products on display, from the development and manufacturing of assembly parts to core components, to the independent development and production of software control systems, etc., embody the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of Greenbauer's entire system products, and can be customized and developed independently according to customer product requirements to ensure the different needs of customers.

During the exhibition, Greenbauer Company and the participating "China Ordnance Group Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., Wuxi Cape Power, CNPC Jichai Power Company, China Shipbuilding Industry Diesel Engine Power Co., Ltd., CRRC, Zibo Power Company, Tianjin Huachai Group" and other well-known domestic high-power engine manufacturers have reached cooperation intentions in technology and products; at the same time, domestic single-cylinder diesel engine representatives include: changchai Co., Ltd., Lifan Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Quanchang Power Company, Jiangsu Changgong Power Company, Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Company, Suzhou Jinding Power Company and other manufacturers have signed the "Technical Cooperation Agreement for Single Cylinder Common Rail Products" with Greenbauer Company, which fully reflects the overall strength of Greenbauer Company's R & D and production, and will also fill the gap for the development of domestic single-cylinder diesel engine common rail technology, open up new development space and make new and greater contributions.