Xinya Greenbauer three high-end equipment in place

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2018-12-24 16:51

      With2019New Year's Day bell is approaching,2018The year-round work is about to close. Xinya Greenbauer is nervous2018A number of work went hand in hand, equipment installation and commissioning, product development, capacity release, market development and other aspects of work have been carried out smoothly, and achieved good results.

Recently3The key imported equipment Sampras eight-station CNC abrasive flow machine tool, Greenhaili high-precision CNC center-less grinding machine, Sofina ultra-precision end grinding machine in place, marking the Xinya Greenbauer Phase I key equipment investment has been basically completed. Co-configuration of production and measurement equipment200Yu Taiwan, which imports key production and measurement equipment.60Yu Tai, over-fulfilled the first phase of the target.

Sampras Eight-station CNC Abrasive Flow Machine

Greenhaili high precision CNC centreless cylindrical grinding machine

                       Sofina superfine end face grinder

A total of two fuel injector body processing lines, two valve assembly production lines, two fuel injector assembly production lines, and one assembly line.Wiring and a commissioning line, as well as cleaning, fitting, testing, packaging and other auxiliary equipment.

Formation of annual production50Ten thousand high pressure common rail injector assemblies,100Ten thousand pairs of common rail injectors,120The capacity of 10,000 valve components.

Injector body processing line (1

Injector body processing line (2

Valve assembly production line (1


Valve assembly production line (2

Fuel injection nozzle assembly production line (1

Fuel injection nozzle assembly production line (2

Fuel injection nozzle assembly production line (3


assembly line


Test line


Inspection Room (1


Inspection Room (2


AVLEmission test chamber


R & D Center