Wuxi Greenmeck Technology Co., Ltd. Opening Ceremony

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2019-06-15 11:16

Wuxi Greenmeck Technology Co., Ltd. Opening Ceremony

After more than half a year of intense preparation, Wuxi Greenmeck Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Wuxi Wangzhuang Industrial Zone on May 28, 2019. The main guests attending the meeting were leaders of departments and units such as Wangzhuang Industrial Zone Management Committee, Wuxi Weifu Group, Weichai Heavy Machinery, Steyr Power (Changzhou), North China Engine Research Institute and more than 30 business customer representatives such as Common Rail Home. At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Zhuang Furu, chairman and general manager, delivered an opening speech, expressing warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests. Then, the leaders of the management committee and customer representatives respectively delivered speeches to express their warm congratulations on the establishment of Greenmeck. After the meeting, the participants visited the company and had discussions and exchanges, and placed high hopes on Greenmeck's planning and pragmatic vision.

Wuxi Greenbauer Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint stock limited company owned and managed by Shandong Xinya Greenbauer Fuel System Co., Ltd., with the production of common rail injector assemblies and related parts and foreign trade as its main business, and Xinya Greenbauer in the field of common rail product manufacturing and business development.