Shandong Xinya Greenbauer Fuel System Co., Ltd. participated in the joint academic conference of Shandong Internal Combustion Engine Society.

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2019-07-15 19:42

Shandong Xinya Greenbauer Fuel System Co., Ltd.

ParticipationJoint Academic Conference of Shandong Internal Combustion Engine Society

         2019Year7Month12Shandong Internal Combustion Engine Society held a joint academic conference in Zibo, the province30More companies in the industry participated in this meeting. Mr. Zhuang Furu, general manager of Xinya Greenbauer, as a specially invited expert, gave a special lecture on "Large Common Rail Fuel Injection System" at the meeting, and shared with everyone the relevant technologies and knowledge such as the principle, structure and practical application of common rail fuel injection system for large diesel engines such as ship engines, generator sets and engineering machinery, the participants learned about the current situation and application prospects of the domestic common rail, especially the high-power common rail fuel injection system, and Xinya Greenbauer's leading position in this field. Xinya Greenbauer can not only provide practical technical solutions for the upgrading of domestic high-power diesel engines in the fuel injection system, but also provide product protection.