2019.12.17 Yichang Greenbauer brand store grand opening

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2019-12-24 09:36

Yichang is built on the Yangtze River and is a nationalcentral regiona regional central city, a provincial sub-central city in hubei province,urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze RiverImportant members, havingHan-Yi Expressway,Han-Yi high-speed railway,Jiaozuo Railway、318national highwaySuch as traffic artery. Yichang isThree Gorges Dam,GezhoubaThe location of important national strategic facilities, knownHydropower Capital of the World". On the 12.17 day, Greenbauer's exclusive store-Yichang Boris Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated, marking the further acceleration of Greenbauer's national regional market strategy.



General Manager of Greenbauer Zhuang Furu visited the site to inaugurate the Greenbauer store in Yichang. The main leaders of Yichang City, Greenbauer sales leaders, representatives of national dealers, all employees of Yichang Boris and a number of news media attended the unveiling ceremony. General Manager Zhuang Furu said that the establishment of Boris marks the launch of Greenbauer's urban strategy again, and is also an important step in the strategic layout of the national common rail after-sales market. Greenbauer has always attached importance to the development of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Today, the establishment of Greenbauer stores, on the one hand, is based in Yichang,With a more complete organizational structure, combined with deeper regional expansion, strategic support for regional customers, and rapid response to customer needs; on the other hand, I hope to bring Greenbauer's excellent products and services to consumers in Yichang, Hubei, and also Hope to learn from each other and develop together with peers in the region.

At this stage when the industry continues to be in a relatively sluggish situation, Greenbauer has gone against the current and maintained a high growth rate. The annual production line of millions of fuel injectors, valve components and nozzles has been put into operation smoothly. In the weak environment, Greenbauer has successively burst out "good voices" and become a bright color to revitalize the confidence of the industry! Greenbauer's production capacity has further taken the lead in the industry, and has continued to grow steadily in the international market. The situation is gratifying. The domestic market has continuously achieved leapfrog growth. It has established a solid foundation and a relatively complete network layout. It has accumulated a strong momentum of development.

The establishment of the Yichang Greenbauer brand store will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the regional market, and build a support platform for business development and service guarantee in the Yichang area, and provide the regional market with more timely, efficient and closer to the front line of the market. The service and support of the local dealers to develop and grow has enabled Greenbauer's influence to be comprehensively and rapidly improved in the region. In the overall situation, relying on Greenbauer's market advantages, integrating all-round resources, further expanding projects, improving quality, opening up markets, and striving for the ambitious goal of "brand first, output first" in the country.