Shandong Xinya Greenbauer Fuel System Co., Ltd. Held 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting

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2020-01-23 14:15

Xinya Greenbauer held the 2020 New Year's Spring Festival Annual Meeting on January 18, 2020 at Liaocheng Shunhe Platon Hotel, which is also the third annual meeting held since Xinya Greenbauer was established. Before the start of the party, the feature film "Xinya Greenbauer's Third Anniversary Documentary" was played, showing Xinya Greenbauer's achievements in the past three years. This annual meeting was carefully planned, with novel ideas and distinct themes, and received good results. All the programs are self-written, self-directed, self-performed and full-participated by the staff. The lottery activities are interspersed in the middle. The atmosphere is extremely active, showing the unique elegant demeanour of Greenbauer's staff.