Provincial Education Director Deng Yunfeng and his party came to the company to investigate and investigate.

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2021-03-05 09:50

      2021Year3Month4On the day, comrade Deng Yunfeng, director of the provincial education department, was inAccompanied by Li Changping, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, Greenbauer conducted on-the-spot investigation,Deputy Secretary of the Administrative Committee, Deputy District Chief Guo Zhigang accompanied the investigation.Deputy General Manager Ju Deyu introduced the basic situation of the company to the research team, especially the breakthrough.stuck neckThe progress and achievements in technology, production, education and research, building a common rail industrial chain in the province, and achieving matching with Weichai mainframe are highlighted. Deng Yunfeng fully affirmed and appreciated Greenbauer's occupation of high-end manufacturing in the province, technological breakthroughs, industry-university-research projects, the employment of new graduates, and the achievements made in the past year, and hoped to go further in this field and play a greater leading role.