The company provides Spring Festival benefits to all employees.

Release time:

2022-01-26 18:50

When the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to express the company's love for employees and thank all employees for their hard work, on the afternoon of January 25, the company issued Spring Festival benefits to all employees, making employees happy and smiling brightly on this festive day. At the same time, it also sent the company's leaders to the majority of employees of the strong love and full of New Year's greetings.

Since its establishment five years ago, the company has attached great importance to humanistic care for employees in corporate management. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, Women's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals will distribute intimate and affordable welfare items to employees, which reflects our company's people-oriented corporate culture. While enhancing the cohesion of the company, it also improves the employees' sense of ownership of the company as their home, so that employees feel the warmth of the company's family, to promote the development of enterprises to add momentum.

The atmosphere at the welfare distribution site was warm, the joy was beyond words, and the company was permeated with a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere. Everyone said that they would turn the care given by the company into motivation and contribute to the development of the company. Finally, I wish the company employees, colleagues and all friends who pay attention to Greenbauer a happy New Year and all the best!